The most innovative nitrous products on the market
  • Fan spray nitrous nozzle


    Performancefirstcycle is proud to bring you the only fan spray nozzle that is designed to fill the entire airbox with nitrous evenly at any horsepower level. This nozzle can be installed under the filter or in the top of the airbox. Come with 40-50 and 60 horsepower nitrous jets.

    ***Warning, it is not the recommendation of Performancefirstcycles to use the Fan spray nozzle above an 80 shot in airboxes with the upper or secondary injectors located in the airbox. The nitrous spray can potentially push fuel mist around the inside of the airbox. A spraybar should be used above an 80 shot if your upper or secondary injectors are located inside the airbox***

    *** This nozzle is for spraying nitrous only***